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Your high-quality software development partner

We support startups in any stage – ready to boost and scale up your company.

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Your high-quality software development partner

We get products up and running – bringing them to the next level.

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I am Startup

I am Corporate

What we do

We have passion for tech and experience in building and driving digital businesses. xgeeks is changing the game in making things happen by giving on-demand capacity and bringing expertise filling skill gaps. Delivering high quality products is our maxim. Testing and quality processes are our DNA.

Software engineering

Providing open code-based software solutions and development of complex software systems.

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Product design

Creating pixel perfect and responsive designs for our clients’ web frontends to create the best experience.

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Mobile / Native Apps

Expertise in intriguing and sustainable app development that will drive your digital business to the next level.

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Full-time dedication to process improvement with cutting-edge methodology and unconditional discipline.

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Reducing time-to-market

Imagine you want to hire four teams at once...

Enabling your product owner

Imagine you need ad hoc dev support…

Option 1

Start hiring

  • Cost intensive for short term hires
  • Inflexible if you work in product mode
  • Time consuming (at least 3-5 months)

Option 2


  • Unclear quality standards
  • Communication problems (language, timezone and location)
  • Transparency issues

Option 3

Work with xgeeks

  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • High-quality standards & delivery
  • Constant innovation and sparring

What our customers say

We have moved today the first shipment in Saloodo GCC (Golf Corporation Council) platform, I can’t express my deep appreciation to all of you for your hard work, dedication and persistence to support this project. It was difficult a project but without this spirit and this positive collaboration between your team and our team that couldn’t have happened.

Alaa Halassa
Product Manager, Saloodo! GmbH

This is how we refine your product

PO from xgeeks

  • Requirements are clear
  • Team is managed by our PO
  • Strong backing in expertise and support from KI group
Most preferred

PO from Client

  • Requirements are clear
  • Team is managed by client PO
  • Strong backing in expertise and support from KI group

PO from Advisory

  • Requirements are clear
  • Team is managed by client PO
  • Strong backing in expertise and support from KI group
  • We offer additional advisory on top

This is how we make you win

We adapt to your processes

Whether you prefer Scrum, Kanban, or your own process – our dedicated team will adapt and integrate with your organisation, working as internal hires.

Enable your Product Manager

We bring capacity and enable value creation, by integrating into existing teams or by working as an independent team.

Industry standard technologies

We are focused in working with solid and tested technologies and methodologies.

Technologies we provide

No matter what specific needs you have, we have the ability to build teams with specific tech stack focus within 3-4 month.

Docker Ansible HTML CSS Redux Jenkins React Terraform Kubernetes PHP Python Java JS Kotlin Symfony Swift SQL React Native

Our Vision

Enhancing execution power for tech driven companies - whenever and however needed

Our Mission

Being the ones who get products up and running – ready to bring it to the next level

Where we create

Crafting individual software solutions from Portugal.

Being at the center of Europe's tech and startup scene helps us to stay informed and hungry for the latest technologies. Nowadays Portugal equals tech.

  • We have one of the fastest growing tech ecosystems in Europe
  • We have captured already some of the biggest A & B investments
  • We have a very high attraction potential not only to new tech talents but also to corporates who are bringing knowledge and spirit

Who we are

Founded in 2018, we are a team of talented guys from Portugal & Germany who come from leading tech companies and value community and self-responsibility. We've seen everything from seed stage to IPOs.

Romeu Paz

Lead developer

Luis Oliveira

Senior SW Engineer

Ricardo Nogueira

Senior SW Engineer

Wilson Rodrigues

SW Engineer

Flávio Santos

Senior SW Engineer

David Alecrim

SW Engineer

Pedro Paulo Almeida

Senior SW Engineer


Join the team

At xgeeks we are looking for software engineers with a keen eye for high-quality execution to join our rapidly growing teams in the lovely city of Leiria. Here, you will design and build solutions for startups and scaleups together with an international team, made up from people coming from the biggest companies in Europe.

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